Gin Rummy Stars is a BUSY app! There are times when the game might take a few extra seconds to load fully. However, there is no need to panic!

Usually, waiting a few extra seconds will solve this and you can jump in and start playing. However, if it is taking longer than usual, here are some actions that can quickly and easily resolve the problem:

  1. Restart your device, and clear your Cache (this will not affect your stats and game progress).

  2. Check your ISP (Internet Support Provider) to see that they are not experiencing any connection issues.

  3. Make sure you are using the latest app version. To do so, you can check the App Store/Google Play Store.

  4. If the steps above fail to resolve the issue, check if your device has the latest operating system and if not, update your device.

We hope this helps resolve any issue! For further assistance/questions, please contact us  :)

Good luck and have fun!