Welcome! Tap on the Smash icon (located in the lobby) to play: 



How does it work?


1.Play on marked tables:


2. Fill the bar! Draw a card from the pile for a chance to get tokens.



3. Earn hammers by filling the bar while playing or by purchasing from select deals.

Start SMASHING! 1 Hammer = 1 Smash 

Here is where you can see how many hammers you have:


What prizes can I get when smashing?

You may win card packs, coins, gems, crystals, or the trophy, which advances you to the next level! 


The level prize will appear at the top part of the screen, and your current level is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen.


The higher your level, the more items you can smash which means MORE PRIZES!


What is the Jackpot?

After completing all levels, you win the JACKPOT! It appears in the glass globe above the levels.



What is the Mini Jackpot?

Each level, you will see 1-3 mini jackpots floating on the top part of the screen. Earn crystals by smashing items & fill the crystals to win prizes!



Start smashing and WIN PRIZES!