Welcome to Wingo - A Colorful Adventure of Skill and Chance!

Embark on an exciting journey with Wingo, a thrilling game offering the chance to win fantastic high-value prizes. The game's purpose is to complete all boards by making 'Wingos.' Each level is represented as a light bulb, and completing a level lights up the bulb. Once you’ve achieved and lit up all light bulbs, you win the ultimate prize!

How to Accumulate Wingos:

Each game session requires a certain amount of Wingos for participation.

You can acquire 'Wingos' by opening card packs; Each pack received during the active Wingo period has a Wingo badge and contains Wingo items. The quantity of Wingo items depends on the card pack’s rarity. Additionally, you can accumulate Wingos through in-game purchases or by playing the game itself. 

How to Play:

Once you have enough Wingos, dive into the game! Choose to draw either a single number or multiple numbers, depending on your available Wingos. When the feature is unavailable in the game, your accumulated Wingos are saved for the next time it is active!

At the top of the board you will see the amount of boards you need to complete the level and light up the bulb!

The loot machine will generate randomized numbers, automatically daubing tiles on the board. 

Complete a row, column, or diagonal sequence of numbers to progress. Extra tiles generated are stored in the booster duplicates bar. When you receive a number you've already daubed or one that doesn't exist on the board, the tile is added to the Booster Bar. When the bar is full, you will receive a booster or a good!  


Boosters in Wingo offer various advantages! You can win boosters in the game itself or earn them with the Booster Bar!

  • Air Dryer/Fan - melts frozen tiles

  • Arrow - breaks a tile of your choice. It can also break ice without daubing the tile itself. 

  • Magnet - connects two tiles. When one is received in the loot, BOTH are daubed!

Boards and Progress:

Having more than one board gives you the chance to complete levels faster. The numbers you receive apply to all boards presented, allowing progress through different levels. Uncompleted boards move up with you, preserving the progress made. Boosters, strategically used, can expedite your progress, and you can purchase additional boosters when needed.

Mini Boards:

Discover mini boards on the sides of the Wingo lobby, identifiable by wings. The mini boards offer the chance to accumulate additional prizes. Utilize the numbers received during loot to daub tiles on both the regular and mini boards. If the same number appears on both, both tiles will daub, bringing you closer to more rewards.

Embark on this thrilling Wingo adventure and enjoy the challenge and excitement of completing boards to claim your coveted prizes!

Enjoy and best of luck!