Welcome to the Exciting World of the Lucky Board!

Dive into the Lucky Board, roll the dice, and uncover a world of rewarding prizes! Eliminate monsters with lightning bolts, and claim your victories on different tiles across the board. Defeat all monsters to win the ultimate BIG prize!

How to Win Dice Rolls?

  • Play in marked tables, create melds with marked cards, fill the points bar and win dice rolls (each table offers a different multiplication of points, for example - X2, X4, X6):

  • Purchase designated offers.

  • Earn special bonuses. 

  • Land on various tiles in the board marked with a dice.

Press the roll button to roll the dice. Hold the button for automatic rolls.

Earn Fantastic Prizes

  • Coins: Your key to prosperity.

  • Card Packs: Complete fabulous album sets.

  • Free Entry Vouchers: Dive into exclusive challenges.

  • Mini Game Tickets: Explore thrilling Mini-Games.

  • Gems: Use for revival in the exciting Mini Game.

Decoding Lucky Board Icons

  • Lightning Bolt: Strike down monsters for epic rewards. (Refer to 'What is The Monster?' for additional details).

  • Banana: Slide one tile left or right, adding a twist to your journey.

  • Double Prize: Double your delights by landing on this tile, doubling all prizes!

  • Teleport: Instantly jump to another teleport tile for strategic moves.

  • Wheel: Spin and unveil exciting prizes.

  • Random Pack: Unveil the pack's mystery upon landing.

  • Go Points: Each time you land on or pass over the Go Points tile, you accumulate points that fill the bar; Once the bar is complete, you can redeem it by landing on or pass over the Go Points tile once again. The Go Points machine's magic brings fabulous prizes to life!

  • Prison: Watch out from the prison tile, you might get stuck! You can buy your way out by using gems, or wait until the timer is out. 

What is The Monster?

The Lucky Board game features four challenging levels, each guarded by its unique monster. 

Use the mighty lightning bolt to weaken the monsters; deplete their energy bar to defeat them! 

Every victorious battle that ends with the Monster’s defeat rewards you with an extra rewarding prize!

Defeat all four monsters to claim the magnificent BIG prize, marking your triumphant journey in the Lucky Bard!

Embark on your Lucky Board adventure and revel in the thrill of every roll. 

Good luck and have fun!