Collect crowns and earn high value prizes as you make progress!


Collect crowns by completing the Daily Missions, designated challenges or by making purchases from relevant offers.

To upgrade your prizes, you can click on ‘Activate’ and make a purchase. This action will initiate the Game Pass!

How does it work?

Free Pass

The crowns are accumulated in the crown stage bar. Once the crown bar is full, you can move on to the next level in the progress bar. 

The stages in the progress bar will grant you with a prize. 

Notably, different stages offer a different prize, some of greater value than others. Hence, different stages requires a different amount of accumulated crowns to be completed. 


Game Pass (Premium Pass)

Game Pass can be activated by clicking the ‘ACTIVATE’ button and making a purchase. 

The Game Pass can be activated at any point throughout the run of the Free Pass, and once activated - Premium prizes will unlock retroactively!

For example, if you’ve reached level 6 in the Free Pass, you’ll be able to collect SIX EXTRA prizes from the purchased section of the Game Pass!

Bonus Chest

The Bonus Chest offers an opportunity to win special high-value prizes! To unlock the Bonus Chest, you must successfully complete all levels of both the Free and Premium Pass and claim all associated rewards along the way.

Crowns earned continue to accumulate even after you've completed all the stages, allowing you to fill the crown bar multiple times. With each completion of the crown bar, you'll accumulate the specified amount of coins. These accumulations progressively fill the Bonus Chest, which can be opened on the FINAL day of the Game Pass!

*The Battle Pass is available from level 17 and up.

Good luck and have fun!