The mini-game is a brand new feature where you can win amazing prizes!

In this game, you have several tiers to go through, collecting prizes along the way,

until you hit the jackpot!

In each step, you’ll see four treasure chests.

You can choose whichever chest you believe has a prize in it.

If you hit a treasure chest, the prize will be collected and added to the ‘Rewards’ list on the right.

If you hit a bomb - all prizes collected thus far will be lost and you’ll start again

from the first step of the tier (unless you choose to be saved - read more below).

There are 3 types of steps:

  • Normal (colored yellow) - 3 treasure chests and 1 bomb chest.

  • Safe (colored blue) - 4 treasure chests, no bombs.

  • Super (colored purple) - same as the normal step, but the three prizes are BIGGER.



If you don’t have a ticket but still want to play - you can do so with Gems!

Gems can be bought in special deals dedicated to the mini-game.


At the top left corner of the screen, you’ll see your Energy count.

Having energy allows you to play. If you accidentally choose a bomb chest,

you will lose one Energy. Once all of your Energy runs out, the game will end.

*Please be aware that using your Energy does not cancel out the bomb on its own and the bomb will end the game unless you use Gems to save yourself.


In order to start playing, you’ll need to use one ticket.

Tickets can be won in our quests, special challenges, and from different bonuses.

*Important: there is a maximum amount of tickets you can collect at your ticket counter.

Once reached, additional collected tickets will not be added to your inventory.

Be sure to use the tickets you have to be able to keep collecting more!


When opening the mini-game, you’ll see several things:

  • Steps needed to reach the jackpot.

  • Tickets and Gems inventory

  • Amounts of remaining energies.

  • ‘Rewards’ list of collected prizes.

If you happen to choose a bomb chest instead of a treasure chest in a step,

but don’t want to give up on all the prizes you collected thus far,

you’ll receive an option to trade some of your Gems for being saved.

When trading Gems to escape a bomb, you will get the opportunity to choose a chest again,

but this time you will only have three treasure chests and no bombs.

In addition, one Energy will be removed from the counter at the top left corner.

*Important: Once you’re out of Energy, gems can no longer be used to escape a bomb,

and if a bomb is chosen, the game will end and return to the first step,

where you can use another ticket to try again.

If you feel that the prizes you’ve collected so far are all you need,

you can choose the “Collect & Run” option at the bottom of the ‘Rewards’ list at any time before moving on to the next step.

You will be credited all of the prizes you’ve collected, and the game will end and return to the first step, where you can use another ticket to play again.

Getting the Jackpot

You’ve reached the final level, good job!

Now, all that’s left to do is pick between two chests - one with a bomb,

and one with the jackpot! 

If you chose the jackpot chest, all of the prizes in it will be credited to your account,

along with all other prizes collected along the way!

A new tier will open up for you at this point with different prizes, levels, and a new jackpot to be won!

Special Prizes

Some special boosters and prizes will also be hidden in the treasure chests. Those are:

  • Skip level - you will automatically be moved through the next level and get closer to the jackpot.

  • Skip two levels - you will automatically be moved through the next two levels and get much closer to the jackpot.

  • Win all - you will collect all the prizes hidden in the treasure chests of the current level, and they will be added to your prizes list.

Important: These boosters are automatically applied once picked from a treasure chest.

Good luck and have fun!