Do you love both Gin Rummy Stars & Rummy Rush and always hoped you could progress faster on both games without having to choose which to play? Great news - now you can!

To make your gaming experience more fun and rewarding, we’ve combined your Gin Rummy Stars & Rummy Rush accounts! 

This means that you get to enjoy all of our awesome features and content without missing a thing, as well as maintain your progress  - even when you choose to switch up between the games :)

This also means that several other features are shared between the two games:

  • Coins - The balances from both games will be merged, and the coins you win will appear on both games’ balances, making sure that none of your coins get lost in the process.

  • Album - You can win card packs on both games and have them all go into the same album, which increases your chances of collecting all the cards you need!

  • Daily (Rush) Missions - Your daily missions can be completed in either app and the rewards will be credited to your merged balance.

  • Daily Bonus - The daily bonus can be collected each day from either app and will be credited to your merged balance.

  • Invite Friend Bonus - The invite friend bonus can be collected for up to 10 successful friend invitations total (regardless of which game you invite your friends to join).

Have fun and good luck!