There are several ways to earn cards:

 1. Play on tables with the card pack icons, for a ‘chance to win’ cards. The cards indicated on each table are the ones you can win.
Expert tip: Higher table bets increase your chances of winning better cards!

2. Purchase packages with the card pack icon.

3. Complete levels on your quests.
Expert tip: the more you advance on the quest bar, the better the card pack prize will be!

4. Choose a card pack prize from the gift of the duplicate cards! (See “What can I do with my duplicate cards?).

When playing tables to get card packs, there can be several special features for some tables:

  • Chance to get - please note that the card packs on the tables aren't guaranteed. As stated on the relevant tables - there's a "chance to get" a card pack.
  • Guaranteed packs - the tables marked with "Guaranteed Packs" do not guarantee a pack of a certain rarity or another, rather they guarantee that you will receive a pack for every game.
  • Ace Boost - the Ace Boost raises the likelihood of scoring an Ace Pack, but there is also still a chance of getting a four or five-star pack.

Good luck and have fun!