What is the Loot Chest?

The Loot Chest is a new feature that gives the player the opportunity to win exclusive prizes! 

How do I collect keys?

Play on tables marked with the Key icon to collect keys and open your chest.

How many keys you receive from the game is calculated as such:

Say you enter a table at 2,500 stakes with 4x keys on it:

During the game, there are a few types of actions that will lead to you receiving keys:

  • Opponent’s pick: When your opponent picks up a card you threw to the pile and you will receive 1 key 

  • Knock: When you knock, you will receive 2 keys.

  • Gin: When you Gin, you will receive 3 keys.

  • Stars: At the end of the game, the difference between you and your opponent's points will be calculated, and a star multiplier will be reached (using the Stars Payout System). For each star multiplier you reach, you will receive 1 key.

Each key collected during the game will be multiplied by the keys multiplier and added up. At the end of the game, the keys multiplier will also be multiplied by the stars multiplier (using the Stars Payout System), and that will also add more keys to the total amount of keys won.


During the game, your opponent picked up 1 card you threw into the pile (1 key). You played a total of two rounds: in the first round you knocked (2 keys), and in the second you had Gin (3 keys). At the end of the game, you reached the 4x stars multiplier and you played on the 4x keys table.

Since you played on the 4x key table, all of the keys collected in the game will be multiplied by 4, therefore:

  • Opponent’s pick: 1 key x 4 = 4 keys. 

  • Knock: 2 keys x 4 = 8 keys.

  • Gin: 3 keys x 4 = 12 keys.

  • Stars multiplier: 4 x 4 = 16 keys

In total, you received 40 keys for your chest!

Important: The earned keys will be collected for your chest whether you won or lost the game.

Once you’ve opened your chest, you’ll find some special prizes: coins, card packs, avatar items, and other fun surprises!

Each chest has a different rarity, as the chest’s rarity goes up, the bigger the prizes are, and more keys are required to open it.

I opened my chest - now what?

Congratulations! You opened your chest and received fun prizes!

Now you can go right back to earn more keys and open more chests!

Good luck and have fun!