There are two ways to invite your friends to Gin Rummy Stars:

1. Click on the 'Invite Friends' button at the left side of the screen.

2. Click on the menu in the top-left corner of the lobby, then click on 'Invite Friends'.

The invite friend bonus is only valid for up to 10 bonuses.


Please be advised that claiming the 'Invite a Friend' bonus is upon completing the following requirements:



As soon as your friend enters the game using your link the bonus will be awarded automatically. 


iOS & Facebook:

a. The friend enters the game through your invite friend link.

b. The friend goes to their menu (in the top left corner), clicks on 'Invite Friends', then clicks on the redeem button.

c. Your friend must enter your unique referral code.

d. Then you’ll be able to claim your bonuses 

* Players can use the redeem code up until level 19


Upon completing the requirements mentioned above, both you and your referred friend will receive the bonus popup after logging into the game.